Ideas of Bihar Positive

The Bihar Positive Project - Mission & Vision 

The Bihar Positive Project – Mission & Vision 


Under the extensive guidance of Mr. Manish Sinha, who is the mind behind many successful and upcoming projects such as India Positive and Shyama Foundation.

We, at Bihar Positive, firmly hold the belief that a well-coordinated society is much needed to bring its individual members at par with the best possible societies of the world. When capitalism is the norm and way of the globalized world it is a challenge we must rise to and meet the needs of all the individuals thriving across the different societal strata. Our target, our mission, is to create a space where individuals can feel free to initiate ideas, innovations and initiatives to create a new and positive Bihar.


Our Vision is a three tier thought, a multi-dimensional idea to transform the state of Bihar.


We, at Bihar Positive, firmly hold the belief that a well-coordinated society is much needed to bring its individual members at par with the best possible societies of the world. When capitalism is the norm and way of the globalized world it is a challenge we must rise to and meet the needs of all the individuals thriving across the different societal strata.

  • One State-One Facility- One Opportunity to Everyone
    • Irrespective of whether a person lives in a village, town or district
    • Irrespective of one’s social status, caste, creed, economic status , religion or gender
    • Irrespective of being majority or minority, colour or origin
  • Provision of high quality infrastructure for health and hygiene, transportation, 24/7 electricity and clean and abundant drinking water shall be made. It must be ensured that all the basic facilities available in the state capital must be available in a village also in the matching quality.
  • Reduction of gap between various administrative units is imperative to initiate the social equity cause. It should be ensured that every village is reachable within 60 minutes from the district headquarter. Every district to be connected to state capital within reasonable traveling time. This can only be ensured by deploying global high standard infrastructure facility of road and transportation throughout state.
  • Villages shall be modernised to become innovation centres for the state with educated youth taking the lead. Every village to be digitally networked with free WiFi zone, laptops and computers in a community hall.
  • Redefine and Enrich Education with extensive Technology aided courses: Education to become more relevant in globally changing world. Focus will be targeted towards vocational courses and integration with industry. Education aimed at students to enhance confidence, knowledge and develop good leadership skills. Motivational focus to be applied on creating young entrepreneurs. Extensive use of latest technology to monitor the efficacy of education system with tools like Artificial intelligence and more.
  • Reviewing Health System: Every citizen should get the right treatment at his health centre well within his reach. Concept of ‘Virtual Heath Centre’ to supplement the “physical health centre” so that all the villages are connected on the medical map. Medical records and history of all citizens to be kept. Technology can play a key role in achieving this goal.
  • Promotion and Encouragement of multiple languages in education – Hindi, English, and local dialects like Bhojpuri, Maithili and more so that lack of linguistic skill should not be an impediment in shaping one’s future. Language is the medium of communication only and not related with talent and trait of a person.
  • Dignity and respect of senior citizens.
  • Today’s young ones are the responsible citizens of tomorrow. So for the all-round development of these children, facility for sports and co-curricular activities should be provided in addition to healthcare and education.
  • A shift in our thinking process to honour, respect and be inspired by citizens who are serving with honesty and humility for betterment of society. A move away from being in awe of “power” culture
  • Making people aware of the fact that freedom of choice and practice is the essence of our coveted constitution and an inseparable part of our state’s legacy. Holding regular seminars and street theatres programs at different places to make people more responsible towards others’ rights.


Bihar Positive supports and recommends fiscal prudence, total transparency, complete accountability and strong governance model which would ultimately aid the masses towards better income generation and better standards of living.

Citizens’ participation at all stages of economic activity is strongly recommended using technologically led innovative solutions.

Much debated and experimented globally “Universal Basic Income“(UBI) should be explored for its effectiveness, workability and sustainability, as it will have a multiplier effect on economy.


The Government should thoroughly perform their duties; implement law and order, duly collect taxes, serve justice and strive to make the nation a better place. Positive change will only come when people are empowered to decide the type of development that should occur and have the means to monitor the development. A re-evaluation and course correction of the present system is a must to see if it is actually benefitting the people for whom the entire system is designed. Extensive use of digital technology is the core of the new redesigned thought process.

Few Major Agendas

  • From Right to Information (RTI), which is more demand based, we suggest to move to “Right to Continuous Information” RTCI a service based model, which is designed to provide continuous and complete information in real time.
  • Use of Sarkar Technology: Use Information Technology, embedded in Sarkar, as transparency enabler and empowerment agent in various public/govt. Services and administration. Government to involve citizens more in planning, reviewing and executing its work. Concept of “Sarkar Dashboard” available at every citizen’s mobile, wherein anyone can check the overall working and progress in her or his village, Taluka, district and State.

Role of Opposition to be reviewed:

We believe that on the day we cast our votes, we all vote for a person or party based on her or his manifesto for development. The same person either becomes part of government or becomes opposition.  The citizen has voted for his development agenda not for his opposition role. Hence it is a responsibility of the opposition also to extend constructive support on the common agenda of both in addition to identify the loopholes and the functioning of the government. The government should be bipartisan as much possible in the interest of nation. Election manifesto should also include the contestant’s role as an opposition.

A review of Law and Order situation of state must also be undertaken, so that it does not change with change of government. Can we make it more independent like the working of armed forces? The police and bureaucrats should be more accountable as well as approachable to the people directly.