Why Bihar Positive

Why Bihar Positive

In today’s day and age, when every individual strives hard and makes rigorous efforts to earn a decent living, Bihar Positive stands strong as a completely organization. With the firm vision of transforming the state of Bihar into a well-coordinated society, the organization feels that it duly needs to bring each individual member at par with the best possible societies of the world.

Our Mission is the following:-

Main Focus

  1. Provide access to primary healthcare to people of Bihar and also work with them to prevent disease prevention by increasing awareness of hygienic habits
  2. Create employment opportunities for the people (across segments and genders) especially in the traditional industries and futuristic areas like AI, Digital Marketing, etc.
  3. Create a Platform where individuals can feel free to initiate ideas, innovations and initiatives to create a new and positive Bihar. This includes Entrepreneurial Circles where people with ideas can be mentored by people with experience in running and managing businesses
  4. Creating a Digital Ecosystem with access to Internet through Community Halls equipped with Computers, Video Conference facilities, etc.
  5. Introducing Courses on Skill Development with Industry requirements – shortage of Skilled workers is a big issue with most industries. We can design courses with Industry collaboration that help us to nurture youth and find employment for them in reputed companies
  6. Improve efficacy of implementation of various social programs like DBT, PMJDY, Insurance and Pension scheme, subsidies, etc. by leveraging on JAM stack

Other Focus Areas

  1. All-round development of children – facility for sports and co-curricular activities should be provided in addition to healthcare and education.
  2. From Right to Information (RTI), which is more demand based, we suggest to move to “Right to Continuous Information” RTCI a service based model, which is designed to provide continuous and complete information in real time.


  1. Use of Sarkar Technology: Use Information Technology, embedded in Sarkar, as transparency enabler and empowerment agent in various public/govt. Services and administration. Government to involve citizens more in planning, reviewing and executing its work. Concept of “Sarkar Dashboard” available at every citizen’s mobile, wherein anyone can check the overall working and progress in her or his village, Taluka, district and State.