Sampoorna Unnati

संपूर्ण उन्नति

When BP was started in 2010, we had lofty ideas but there was also a sense of realism to focus on issues that impacted the lives of a lot of Biharis. After a lot of research at the grassroots, we found that there was no availability of primary healthcare in cities of Bihar, let alone villages and smaller towns. Hence, “free healthcare” became one of the pillars on which BP was founded.

10 year ago our journey start with regularly organizing eye camps successfully in the remote and rural parts of the country. It is our ‘end to end service’ approach which adds lot of value and benefit to the people.  Every year we are gearing to organize it at a much bigger scale to benefit even larger mass. The Health camps have well appreciated by larger audience including
celebrities and media. our efforts” Sharing World Changing Lives” in Bihar as well as different part of country. Our sole focus is to serve the people from the underprivileged section and disenfranchised communities of the society. We started our journey in Jan 2011 from 8000 sq ft health center at Chapra, Bihar.  Due to overwhelming success of this medical center and also taking into  account the need for more such centers in this region, we opened centers in Sahuli, a  rural area in Siwan district along with health centre in patna . All centers are professionally managed with local talents and regular visit by doctors are arranged. This has already started making huge impact in the regions. Recently testing equipment for ECG and Blood sugar test and medical facility is added at our centers. our vision of providing quality medical help and testing to the people who need it the most. We plan to expand aggressively by opening centers for COVID-19 (crona virus)as soon as possible.