Bihar Positive

Who we are

Someone once said – You cannot have a Positive Life with a Negative Mindset. To lead or aspire to lead a Positive Life, one has to think positively. While a negative mindset means you will be caught in a quagmire of pessimism and failure, a positive mindset will motivate you to think optimistically and achieve your goals in Life. With this founding principle, Bihar Positive started its journey in 2011.

BP is an organization – Of the People, By the People and For the People. We believe and dream of a “New Bihar” – a “perfectly equitable and enlightened society”, serving as a role model for other states of India. Bihar Positive calls for “Sampoorna Unnati”- where every citizen has TOTAL, ABSOLUTE and ASSURED access to Social, Political and Economic development irrespective of her or his economic, religious or social status. The purpose of BP is to be the “change and drive the change that we want to see”, with participation from all constituents of our society.

We have come a long way in the last 10 years and we look back with pride at our accomplishments but when we see what is still left undone, we are motivated to work with more energy, passion and commitment. We hope that as we grow, more and more people with positive mindset will join us and help spread the message of positivity, optimism and hope.